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Investment Strategy: The Investor’s Creed Revisited

Fascinating, aren’t they, these security markets of ours, with their unpredictability, promise, and unscripted daily drama. But individual investors themselves are even more interesting. We’ve become the product of a media driven culture that must have reasons, predictability, blame, scapegoats, and even that “four-letter” word, certainty.

We are becoming a culture of speculators, where hindsight is replacing the reality-based foresight that once was flowing in our now real-time veins. Still, the markets have always been dynamic places where investors can consistently make reasonable returns on their capital. If one complies with the basic principles of the endeavor and doesn’t measure progress too frequently with irrelevant measuring devices, growth in working capital, market value, and spendable income are quite likely to happen… without undue risk taking.

The classic investment strategy is so simple and so trite that most investors dismiss it routinely and move on in their search for the holy investment grail(s): a stock market that only rises and a bond market capable of paying higher interest rates at stable or higher prices. This is mythology, not investing.

Investors who grasp the realities of these wonderful (speculation driven) marketplaces recognize the opportunities and relish them with an understanding that goes beyond the media hype and side show “performance enhancement” barkers. They have no problem with the “uncertainty”; they embrace it.

Simply put, in rising markets:

  • When investment grade equity securities approach the “reasonable” target prices you have set for them, realize your profits, because that’s the “growth” purpose of investing in the stock market.
  • When your income purpose securities rise in market value the equivalent of one-year’s-interest-in-advance, take your profits and reinvest it in similar securities; because compound interest is the safest and most powerful weapon we investors have in our arsenals.

On the flip side, and there has always been a flip side (more commonly dreaded as a “correction”), replenish your equity portfolio with now lower priced investment grade securities. Yes, even some that you may have just sold weeks or even months ago.And, if the correction is occurring in the income purpose allocation of your portfolio, take advantage of the opportunity by adding to positions, increasing yield and reducing cost basis in one magical transaction.

  • Some of you may not know how to add to those somewhat illiquid bond, mortgage, loan, and preferred stock portfolios quite so easily. It’s time you learned about closed end funds (CEFs), the great “liquidators” of the bond market. Many high quality CEFs have 20 year dividend histories for you to salivate over.

This is much more than a “buy low, sell high” oversimplification. It is a long-term strategy that succeeds… cycle, after cycle, after cycle. Do you wonder why Wall Street doesn’t spend more time pushing its managed tax free income, taxable income, and equity CEFs?

  • Unlike mutual funds, CEFs are actually separate investment companies with a fixed number of shares traded on the stock exchanges. The stock can trade (real time) above or below the net asset value of the fund. Both the fees and the net/net dividends are higher than any comparable mutual fund, but your advisor will probably tell you they are more risky due to “leverage”.
  • The leverage is short term borrowing and is absolutely not the same as a margin loan on the portfolio. It’s more like a business line of credit or a receivables financing tool.

I’m sure that most of you understand why your portfolio market values rise and fall throughout time… the very nature of the securities markets. The day to day volatility will vary, but is generally most noticeable surrounding changes in the longer term direction of either market, income purpose or growth purpose.

  • Neither your “working capital” nor your realized income need be affected by the gyrations of your market value; if they are, you are not building a “retirement ready” portfolio.

So rather than rejoicing through each new stock market rally or lamenting each inevitable correction, you should be taking actions that enhance both your working capital and its income productivity, while at the same time, pushing you forward toward long term goals and objectives.

  • Through the application of a few easy to assimilate processes, you can plot a course to an investment portfolio that regularly achieves higher market value highs and (much more importantly), higher market value lows while consistently growing both working capital and income… regardless of what is happening in the financial markets.

Left to its own devices, an unmanaged portfolio (think NASDAQ, DJIA, or S & P 500) is likely to have long periods of unproductive sideways motion. You can ill afford to travel eleven years at a break even pace (the Dow, from December 1999 through November 2010, for example), and it is foolish, even irresponsible, to expect any unmanaged approach to be in sync with your personal financial objectives.The Investor’s Creed

The original “Investor’s Creed” was written at a time when money market funds were paying above 4%, so holding uninvested equity bucket “smart cash” was, in effect, a compounding of profits while waiting for lower equity prices. Income bucket cash is always reinvested ASAP. Since money market rates have become minimal, equity “smart cash” has been placed in tradeable equity CEFs with yields averaging over 6% as a replacement… not as safe, but the compounding makes up for the increased risk over money funds.

It sums up several basic asset allocation, investment strategy, and investment psychology principles into a fairly clear, personal portfolio management direction statement:

  • My intention is to be fully invested in accordance with my planned equity/fixed income, cost based, asset allocation.
  • Every security I own is for sale at a reasonable target price, while generating some form of cash flow for reinvestment.
  • I am pleased when my equity bucket cash position is low, signaling that my assets are working hard to meet my objectives.
  • I am more pleased when my equity bucket cash is growing steadily, showing that I’ve been capitalizing all reasonable profits.
  • I am confident that I’m always in position to take advantage of new equity opportunities that fit my disciplined selection criteria.

If you’re managing your portfolio properly, your cash + equity CEF position (the “smart cash”) should be rising during rallies, as you take profits on the securities you confidently purchased when prices were falling. And, you could be chock full of this “smart cash” well before the investment gods blow the whistle on the stock market advance.Yes, if you are going about the investment process with an understanding of market cycles, you will be building liquidity while Wall Street is encouraging higher equity weightings, while numerous IPOs are taking advantage of euphoric speculative greed, and while morning drive radio hosts and personal friends are boasting about their ETF and Mutual Fund successes.

While they grow their hat sizes, you will be growing your income production by holding your income purpose allocation on target and salting away the growth purpose portion of your profits, dividends, and interest in an equity based alternative to “de minimis” money fund rates.

This “smart cash”, comprised of realized profits, interest, and dividends, is just taking a breather on the bench after a scoring drive. As the gains compound at equity CEF rates, the disciplined coach looks for sure signs of investor greed in the market place:

  • Fixed income prices falling as speculators abandon their long term goals and reach for the new investment stars that are sure to propel equity prices forever higher.
  • Boring investment grade equities falling in price as well because it is now clear that the market will never fall sharply again… particularly NASDAQ, simply ignoring the fact that it is still less than 25% above where it was nearly twenty years ago (FANG included).

And the beat goes on, cycle after cycle, generation after generation. Will today’s managers and gurus be any smarter than those of the late nineties? Will they ever learn that it is the very strength of rising markets that, eventually, proves to be their greatest weakness.Isn’t it great to be able to say: “Frankly Scarlett, I just don’t care about market directional changes. My working capital and income will continue to grow regardless, possibly even better when income purpose security prices are falling.”

My articles always describe aspects of an investment process I have been using since the 1970’s, as described in my book, “The Brainwashing of the American Investor”. All the disciplines, concepts, and processes described therein work together to produce (in my experience) a safer, more income productive, investment experience. No implementation should be undertaken without a complete understanding of all aspects of the process.

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Credit Card Generator For Credit!!

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Capture The Instinct Buying Behavior Of Your Customers With Credit Card Machines

Do you want to achieve atleast twice the sale that you have now. If this holds true for you and your business, you should start acknowledging the fact that a customer or client would only spend as much as he/she carries in his hands. Now as a businessman do you foresee a business loss, maximum purchases are done when a customer or client indulges into instinctive buying and this can only happen when accept payment methods that are convenient for your clients or customers.

And to capture that instinctive buying all you need to do is get into a tie up with the Credit Card Company and have Credit Card machines for business.

Do you want to achieve atleast twice the sale that you have now. If this holds true for you and your business, you should start acknowledging the fact that a customer or client would only spend as much as he/she carries in his hands and after he has exhausted his hard cash he would have to either curb the instinct of buying or purchase when he has money.

Now as a businessman do you foresee a business loss, maximum purchases are done when a customer or client indulges into instinctive buying and this can only happen when accept payment methods that are convenient for your clients or customers.

As we all are aware, the most common method of payment is through Credit Cards. Now if you want to know how can you start accepting credit cards, you should know that all you need is a tie up with the Credit Card Company and have Credit Card machines for business.

So, whether you are a retail shop, an online business, a flower delivery outlet or any other service/goods provider, you need to have a Credit Card terminal that works non-stop and reads credit cards properly. These credit card terminals can also be installed free of cost these days. There are banks and credit card providers these days that offer free installation and hence free credit card machines at your place.

Does it not look like a dual advantage setup, no cost and extra profit.

Kotaks Royale Signature Credit Card

Heres the card which lives up the expectations of the Royals. Here is the credit card which offers the most exquisite benefits a credit card can deliver. In terms of services, benefits, offers and discounts; this credit card outshines all other cards available in the market.

If you count on the benefits which this card offers, then definitely, you will be in praise of this card. Lets have a look at, what we, as privileged customers would get, if we take it. First of all, this card has got the Shield called The Royale Shield which means you get a lost or stolen card fraudulent cover of Rs 50,000/- upto 12hours of reporting. Thats a good amount isnt it?

Secondly, this card encases host of benefits you get Royale Priority Attend, which means instead of you reaching Kotak people, they will reach you for services like monthly pay bill. You also get Royale Access to Taj Restaurant and Bars with added 25% savings (this percentage though may vary from time to time). To add more there is discounted membership to privileged clubs like Privada Indias first yatch club which of course sounds incredible. But, thats not all you can also count on other privileges of Kotak Royale Signature Credit Card like reward points on every Rs 100/- spent, lifetime complimentary skin consultancy from Kaya Skin Clinic and complimentary membership to Golf Fee Card and that, certainly sounds Royale.

So, tune in the music and experience the luxury of a Royale life, indulge in the luxuries of life and lead the life King-size with Kotak Signature card.

Royale Signature Credit Cards is just one in the series of Kotak Mahindras newly launched range of Credit Cards. Awarded the Product of the Year, these cards have proven to be the best in the range of credit cards found in the market. Apart from the Signature card, there are three other cards Fortune Gold, Trump Gold and League Platinum Card. Choose from the range of cards offered by Kotak and experience the best from the world of Credit Cards.

Understanding The New Credit Card Rules

Credit card companies had to start complying with new regulatory rules designed to help and protect consumers as of February 22, 2010. You’ve probably received a bevy of notices and agreement changes from them leading up to this date. Since most of these are in legalese, let’s take a look at what the real changes are now that they are implemented.

The basic idea behind the new regulations is really two fold. The first is to make things much clearer for you, the debtor. The second is to protect you from predatory practices or at least those that were perceived as being outrageous.

The first big change is the payoff date. You are going to see notices on the front of your credit card that will tell you how long it will take to pay off the debt if you make the monthly payment. This can be a shocking number for many people. I can tell you that I was certain shocked to see it would take 11 years to pay off one of my cards!

The statement will also contain what is known as the three year provision. This simply shows you what you must pay each month to get rid of the debt in three years. It is actually rather amazing how paying just a bit more will do the trick, so pay close attention to this number.

What if a company is going to increase your interest rate or fees? Well, now it has to give you a 45 day warning in writing that clearly explains the changes. The company is also barred from raising your rates for the first year you have the card, a method to limit the bait and switch that often occurred with teaser rates. If the company changes the rates after the first year, the new rate will apply only to new charges, not the old ones.

This covers the basic key changes to the rules, but there are others. If you have questions, you can find answers and an outline of all the changes on the Federal Reserve website.

Credit Card, Debit Card, Prepaid Card By Credocard Ltd

The revolutionary cards
The cards with due advance credit are prepaid cards. The revolutionary cards have changed out payment handling methods. The better handling of our finances suggests the success of these cards in our lives. The studies show the companies working hard to facilitate the consumer into drawing the maximum benefit out of these cards. The companies have come up with ways to send and receive money easily.
Why are they popular?
“The Non-availability or refusal of the credit card to some people has generated the possibility of having a prepaid card.
“The spending limit corresponds to the amount uploaded to the card. It”s a budget controller.
“The cash can be uploaded at any bank or post office and is uploaded free of cost.
“The unavailability of bank accounts to the migrants, who are unable to open their accounts in the alien land. The prepaid cards are the best option.
“The online purchases can be made through these cards.
What more?
“Their use in shops or online make them the perfect choice.
“The banks have nothing to do with these cards. There is no bond between them.
“The borrowing of the money is not valid with prepaid cards.
“The amount uploaded onto the card is the amount usable. This makes it budget friendly.
“These cards can be classified in two types: Reloadable cards and fixed account cards.
“The reloadable cards can be credited or topped by cash transfer from bank, post offices or at specific stores.
“The process of spending with these is just the same as credit cards or debit cards. The cash withdrawal machines accept these cards.
The advantages
“The ID proof and the residential proof are all needed to avail prepaid cards. The credit checks are not the necessity.
“The fear of being a victim to identity fraud is less. The spending limit restricts the thief from bringing much damage to you.
“They serve the purpose of being a perfect gift to the children.
“Their usability enables the user to use them in the foreign land or alien land.
“The interest charges are not applicable.
“They are security tight as the access to prepaid cards is through a PIN number.
“They are easily available.
Against the prepaid motion- The disadvantages
Prepaid cards at times are expensive though the companies make the customer well aware of the fee.
The imposition of tax, fee or fine can be experienced by the card holder at different stages.
The assurance of the goods not delivered is not covered by prepaid card.

Auto Repair Financing Options – No Credit Check

Whether you are a consumer looking for auto repair financing options or an automotive/transmission shop looking to help consumers who need finance help, there are four new financing options available that do not rely on having good credit.

Rather than credit, these new auto repair finance options rely on check-writing history and income. Here are some examples:

ARC90 – Finances auto and transmission repair. Approval based on income and check writing history. No credit check is required. The shop gets paid an advance on the job, and the consumer can finance the balance for 90 days up to 6 months. You will need to submit proof of income such as paystubs or bank statements and a copy of your drivers license.

Secure Payment Systems – Will finance auto and transmission repair up to $5,000. 25% down from the customer is required. Key to approval is good check writing history. The shop gets paid in full within 72 hours and the consumer can finance the balance up to 12 months.

Cross-Check – Offers an up to 90 day deferred payment plan for auto and transmission repair shops. 25% down required. Approval based on good check writing history. There are no interest or financing charges to the customer.

In-House Financing – Some car repair and transmission repair shops have chosen to in-house finance customers. There is usually a down payment required to cover most or all of the parts costs.

If you are a shop owner who does in-house car repair financing, there are new software packages available that automate the auto repair finance process from start to finish in 10 minutes. They include automated ACH-drafts from the consumer’s checking account, 3-bureau credit checks, 50-state promissory notes and automated initial collection calls. These new software packages take the hassle out of in-house financing and automate the process for you. They even handle the initial collection calls, if a payment bounces, so you do not have to.

If you are a consumer in need of car repair financing, contact your local auto repair shop and ask what options they have available for you. If they do not have options available, you can either tell them about no-credit check options you found here online or try another auto repair shop.

Many auto repair shops are starting to adapt to both outside and in-house financing programs to help customers who end up having to pay for an unexpected auto repair or transmission repair.

Transmission and major engine repairs can cost anywhere between $1200-$3500 depending on the type of vehicle and the type of repair, so it is important to have financing options available so you can get your car fixed and get back on the road!

Great credit card offer

The new offer includes the Abbey; 0 percent on balance transfers for 13 months 5 percent cash expenditure on supermarket, until July 31, 2008, for new customers The cash offer has been extended until March 31 for existing customers

The zero per cent on balance transfers for 13 months is available on 3 December for all new customers credit card. Abbey has also extended the popular supermarket cash offer new customers – a request for the opening of the Abbey credit card can get refunds until the end of July, and existing customers until the end of March. five percent return applies to the first 1000 the value of purchases from large supermarkets bought Abbey with a credit card. Managing Director of the Abbey credit cards, Roger Lovering, said: “Our cash rear proved to be very popular and therefore we decided to extend the offer for both customers new and existing. Those who have already signed with the offer we will be extended until the end of March, giving them more time to reach their limit of cash. New customers have until the end of July. “For those who prefer to use their cards to manage debts, we offer a competitive 13-month interest-free period onbalance transfers. This is part of our strategy to increase their market share and keep. The cash offer was welcomed as innovative, and we have more new ideas for next year. This is the model that uses Santander and one we know will strengthen our position as a serious challenger for the “four”.

Virginia writes for the Virgin credit card. is still one of the best UK credit cards and offers 0% on balance transfers. The Virgin credit card could be the perfect solution if you have other credit card balances to transfer. Get 0% on balance transfers for 20 months! With the Virgin credit card, you could get an instant decision today!

Using A Debt Elimination Company Can Be An Advantage

Debt Elimination programs can be very affective for consumers needing debt relief. Some creditors require a lump sum upfront to make settlements, while others administer monthly payment arrangements for their customers. Debt Elimination companies have a number of benefits and Con’s that should be seriously thought out. Always investigate the background of a Debt Elimination business prior to contracting, especially if they will be handling monthly payments for you. Some businesses have been accused of mishandling client payments, thus creating further credit damage to the customer. For instance settlemydebtusa.Com does not render monthly payments but in its place gathers monthly payments into an escrow bank account. When there is a sufficient amount to negotiate a debt they speak to the creditor and finalize settling the debt.

Debt Elimination companies can often settle your unsecured debt quickly. This of course depends on the amount of debt to be paid and what can be paid on these debts all at once or each month.

Debt Elimination some accounts will be noted as “settled” and “closed by credit grantor,” and some accounts may indicate that you had to participate in credit counseling. Why we like Settlemydebtusa.Com is because as a Lawyer supervised company, they create the best situation and most amount outstanding will simply show closed or paid.

Remember, many of the credit card companies actually own the credit counseling businesses. They will impart you Debt Negotiation is not a prudent choice. That is their job. Credit counseling hurts your credit as well. Either way, each hurts your credit for a time. There is no way to evade that but you must keep in mind it is only for a short duration of time overall. Many creditors will furthermore not work with you until you are in arrears on your obligations. This can cause certain further stress as you will have creditors calling you. Settle My Debt USA, however, has a great solution to this. It is a recorder that you assign to your central phone line and when a creditor inquires it explains the circumstances to them. If you phone their agent you will be able to find out about that with no obligation. You can find out more at their website settlemydebtusa.Com.
If you are part of a monthly payment debt settlement program, you may be billed approximately $20-$49 a month as of 2009 depending on the company and your settlement strategy. When you have small obligations, it may be better to add these funds yourself toward repayment.

Most debt settlement plans ask for $100 or less upfront to enroll as of 2009. Again, with smaller debt loads it may be better to use these funds for the debt repayment and try to settle with creditors yourself. Credit card Debt Negotiation handled by a licensed Lawyer is by far the best debt solution for consumers that desire expert assistance with debt settlement negotiations. On average, however, Attorney supervised negotiations often are able to settle your debt for between 40 and 60 cents on the dollar. Especially when that Debt Negotiation Attorney has already successfully negotiated tens of thousands of credit card accounts for hundreds of customers. In addition there are a lot of creditors who will only negotiate with a Lawyer. Settle My Debts USA is Attorney supervised and is an agent of the J Haas Associates Company who has negotiated millions of dollars in debt. Most debt settlement businesses will grant you a free of charge consult. Settle My Debt USA allows you to do the majority of what is essential at your convenience online. You prepare your debt history online so the Consultant can get an overview of your position. They will then evaluate your data and get a figure on a payment plan with everything spelled out for you.

You are not alone. Debt Negotiation is a great option to evade bankruptcy. There is no moral matter here. The credit card companies have collected your obligation many times through the interest they have charged you and America as a whole. Many of these same Institutions have been awarded bailout funds from the government for just this reason. That money is your tax dollars at work. I say make those dollars work for you! I hope you will investigate your options painstakingly and prevent bankruptcy if possible.

Advice On How To Use A Credit Card

The credit card is really a fantastic concept. However if it is not used properly it can simply bring financial ruin. By not using it properly you could end up in the unpleasant situation of paying every month interest. The credit cards in our days can be very helpful accessories since you won’t need to deal any longer with cash. When utilized correctly they could supply you with a lot of excellent benefits such as air miles or credit toward future purchases.

The most crucial element is to never think about the credit line of the credit card as extra cash which may be spent whenever you want on various stuff. Once you’ve acquired some thing make sure that every month you pay promptly the financial obligations. Also never get to many credit cards since when having a lot you’re tempted to acquire all kind of necessary and expensive things. Whenever you consider signing up for such electronic devices do not ever pick the firms which have substantial charge for late fees or charge membership fee. The main reason why is extremely important to use appropriately a credit card is really because you’ll never be in the tough situation of getting a bad credit. Any time reaching this particular stage there are numerous things that can be performed but the most effective is the process of repair bad credit. When making daily buys utilize cash or the debit card and not the credit card. This are some essential aspects that really have to be considered mainly because by using this electronic device for every day buys you can achieve the phase where you see it as a substitute for cash. This in many of the situations can lead to debt.

When paying your monthly obligations don’t get into the habit of making just minimum payments. This will just increase the period of time to pay the debt. Also avoid using your credit card to get stuff that you can’t afford and don’t close up one without knowing how your credit will be influenced. If you will consider all of these factors you’ll definitely not finish up in the position in which you need to repair bad credit. Surely that the credit card in our days is a very useful accessory. However , you have to don’t forget that in order to take advantage of all of the benefits you need to use it in the most appropriate way.

Find out how to get a good credit score by visiting this great website on repair bad credit.