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Discover Six Ways To Avoid A Bad Credit Loan Scam

The desperation, misery, and rising unemployment caused by the current financial crisis, have spawned a whole new growth industry.

Bad Credit Loan Scams

It’s a particularly horrible phenomenon, because the people that operate these scams are preying on those that most need help, and they don’t care if they put the last nail, in a family’s financial coffin.

People that are drowning under suffocating debt, and have poor credit are being bombarded with ads like these, and many similar ones.

Looking For A Loan Or Credit Card But Don’t Think You’ll Qualify?

Turned Down By A Bank Because Of Your Poor Credit History?

Get An Instant Loan. Guaranteed. No Credit Check And Low Interest!

A person that’s desperate for a loan is easily tempted by advertisements and websites like these, because they offer a simple and quick respite from misery.

It’s said however, that forewarned is forearmed;

So let’s Look At The Tip-Offs To Rip-Offs.

Just one of the following should cause you to raise your antennae, and more than one of them should send you looking for another lender.

1) If you get offered a loan over the phone.

Companies that do business by phone in the U.S. are forbidden by law to promise you a loan, and to ask you to pay for it before they deliver.

2) The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which is a federal agency that investigates and eliminates unfair and deceptive trade practices says;

“If you’re asked to pay a fee for the promise of a loan or credit card, then you can almost count on the fact that you’re dealing with a scam artist”.

3) A lender who isn’t interested in your credit history.

A lender that says that he won’t check your credit score, should certainly make you suspicious. Why doesn’t he care?

Any advertisement that says things such as, “Bad credit? No problem” or “We don’t care about your past. You deserve a loan” or “Get money fast” or even “No hassle guaranteed”, more often than not indicates a scam.

4) A lender who uses a copy-cat names, and similar websites.

Crooks will often give their companies names that sound similar to well-known and well respected organizations, and they also create websites that look like the originals.

Always get a loan company’s phone number from the phone book, or directory assistance, and call to check if they are who they say they are.

Get a physical address too, because a company that advertises a PO Box as its address is definitely one that needs to be checked out with the appropriate authorities.

5) A lender who is not registered in your state.

Lenders and loan brokers are required by law to register in the states where they do business. In order to verify their registration, call your state Attorney General’s office, or your state’s Department of Banking or Financial Regulation.

6) A lender who asks you to wire money or to pay an individual.

Never make a payment directly to an individual for a credit card or loan, because no legitimate lender would ever request such a thing.

Hopefully the above information will help prevent you from getting ripped off, but please help others too.

If you encounter a company that’s doing any of the above, then please tip off the relevant authorities.

Where To Complain

The FTC works for the consumer to prevent fraudulent, deceptive, and unfair business practices in the marketplace and to provide information to help consumers spot, stop, and avoid them. To file a complaint or to get free information on consumer issues, visit or call toll-free, 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357); TTY: 1-866-653-4261.

Finally – A Little Bit Of Advice That’s Not A Tip

If you have debt problems, then the very first thing that you should do is to contact your creditors, and attempt to resolve the problems, and the sooner the better.

If you’re unable to resolve the difficulties yourself, or you need some help doing it, then contact a credit counseling service.

There are nonprofit organizations in every state that counsel and educate people and families about debt problems, budgeting, and using credit wisely.

These services are often free, and if there is a charge, then it’s not likely to exceed $25.00 – and credit unions, universities, military bases, and housing authorities frequently offer low cost advice as well.

To learn more about dealing with debt, including how to select a credit counseling service, visit

Below MLB’s credit card debt company rule

Dodgers owner Candid McCourt has up to date Baseball that will he’ll create payroll at the end on the 30 days, an Major league baseball resource advised Major league with Thurs night. McCourt requires pertaining to $9.6 zillion to fulfill the actual club’s Might 31st payroll, the particular L . a . Times revealed to use Thurs night models, mentioning anyone accustomed to the problem exactly who gave a talk about problem involving privacy. McCourt features procured this capital through quickly moving obligations because of the club later while in the year or so, the particular classifieds mentioned. If McCourt really does generate pay-roll, it will need the particular quick demand off the Dodgers, that happen to be under the power over Major league baseball for the reason that Commissioner’s Place of work can be checking out your club’s money. Commissioner Friend Selig directed Major league baseball to oversee procedures on the clb with The spring 30. The matter involving McCourt producing pay-roll been revealed recently whenever apparently he previously so that you can individually borrow $30 zillion by News flash Corp.Is Fox Leisure, that is his or her localised tv companion, to generate the payroll upon The spring 16 plus August 40. McCourt is usually waiting for Selig’s endorsement of your completely new $3 million Telly privileges expansion deal with He and so the guy can deal with her short-term financial problems. The Dodgers include 3 years staying on their current regional tv set commitment. Youkilis Black Jersey Selig reported last month in the Managers Events throughout Los angeles that they will not take on the deal as well as help make another options regarding the Dodgers till this individual says the particular report on the particular club’s budget. There is no schedule pertaining to him or her having which survey. Below MLB’s credit card debt company rule, Selig could get a Dodgers for you to considerably reduce charges when promoting about 1949 pct in the club’s equity. Latest economic issues encountered because of the Padres plus Mets are actually as well as will be solved through proprietors which adopted in which principle. This Mets, the truth is, released upon Thursday they have opened a privileged settling period having Donald Einhorn, president involving Greenlight Money Inc., to sell a $200 thousand non-controlling affinity for the team. With regards to the Padres, while majority manager Sara Moores and his awesome wife, Becky, separated, Moores drastically declined battler payroll whilst providing Forty-nine percent of the golf club to the party on course through Rob Moorad, who may have 4 far more years to purchase the team included in the whole. The particular sale of your Dodgers may go to a go anyway about 06 Twenty two within Chicago Area Courtroom. Jamie McCourt, Frank McCourt’s ex-wife as well as ex – Dodgers chief executive, provides questioned the court to force the actual sales from the crew ahead of MLB functions. Jamie McCourt reported by your ex ex-husband’s mismanagement because reason for searching out the judgment. Subsequently, Honest McCourt features asked legal court to find out whether or not Jamie McCourt must say yes to the Dodgers filling out the extended television system commitment.

Drawbacks Of Not Having A Credit Card

There are very few things that are as ubiquitous as the credit card. This little rectangle of plastic can give us so much convenience, but to the unwary can also bring so much misery. Credit cards may be the easiest way to get a standby line of revolving credit, always available when you need it, but it can also be the fastest way to get mired in credit card debt. People may complain about credit card debt but everyone agrees that despite the risks, there are too many drawbacks to not having a credit card.

Credit cards as we know them today are relatively new and are continuously evolving. The major laws protecting consumers rights involving credit were passed in the mid-seventies. It may be timely that Congress is currently considering added measures to enhance consumer protection. Yet, for a long time, people were using credit cards as a convenience product rather than as loans. Many people paid their entire balance each month. Credit cards were not as essential then as they are now.

Banks do not make money if people did not carry balances since a grace period for purchases, where no interest is charged for one month, is usually standard. As far as banks are concerned, the best credit card customer is one who carries a balance each month after remitting the minimum payment on time. Credit card issuers got really creative and have managed to make credit cards a necessary part of daily living. They worked to have credit cards accepted in more and more establishments, and to have credit card holders understand the many benefits and conveniences that they stood to gain from using their credit cards.

In our times, credit cards no longer a luxury. If you travel, you need your credit card to book flight reservations and reserve hotel rooms. You also need credit cards to rent cars, to purchase gas, and buy products by telephone or online. Being without credit cards today would make your life as difficult as traveling by horse and buggy. Without our even being aware of it, credit cards have become a business standard.

A credit card is one of the quickest ways to build a credit history. When you apply for a credit card and you still have no history, there are credit card issuers that you can approach. These issuers specialize in providing credit card products to customers who, because they are still attempting to establish or expand their credit history, are generally evaluated as higher credit risks. Many college students, for example, fall into this category, along with those who have limited employment income, or otherwise have poor credit history.

Today, having credit is a necessity. An inexpensive, reliable new car costs thousands of dollars, and although most people may want to pay in cash, the reality is they will need a loan. The rates and terms of that loan will be determined by your credit history, which is easily obtainable from the credit bureaus throughout the country. If you have used credit wisely in the past and repaid previous loans on time, you will be in a favorable position. If not, the result will be a more costly loan with higher interest rates.

Bin List Credit Card Numbers Comparisons- Bin2country Vs. Exactbins

Running a business is fraught with challenges both online and in the brick and mortar world. Not being able to take credit cards can be a definite setback, but it can be an even greater challenge when you aren’t getting accurate verification from your credit card bin list providers. With accurate bin list credit card numbers, you have peace of mind. But in order to enjoy those full benefits so you can focus more on doing business, you will need to know which services are out there and which you can trust. Two of the more reputable firms are Bin2Country and ExactBins, but even with accuracy, you must also be aware of your own needs as a business customer and go with the one that covers all the bases at a price you can afford.

First, the similarities.

Getting an accurate copy of credit card bin list numbers is essential to what makes a provider strong. Both of these providers give you the information you need in an easy to read and digest CSV format. Each company also offers super fast email delivery within a few hours of purchase. Last but not least, they provide free regular updates for a certain length of time so that you can see a track record of trustworthiness right before your eyes. All of these features are top tier, and you shouldn’t go with any provider, who fails to include them. That being said, there are differences to be mindful of.

The bin list credit card numbers themselves.

Bin2Country has a healthy selection of numbers totaling 220,000, and it’s growing all the time. Likewise, ExactBins frequently updates their registry, though actual numbers run at a lower 190,000 at the time of this writing, around 20 percent less than its competitor. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other as you may not need a database that is so extensive for your records, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have as many as possible.

Parameters and updates.

Where ExactBins starts to stand out from its competitor is in the areas of updates and parameters. Its last update was a full week later than Bin2Country and it verifies based on six parameters, twice that of the competition. Before you go with either of these services, it’s probably best to contact them and verify that they have a routine set up for collecting updates. Find out what that is and also how each parameter is used in maintaining the accuracy of the database. Again, more is not necessarily better, so don’t be fooled by thin sales pitches.

Whichever provider you go with, know that you are doing it for the security and effectiveness of your business. Make sure the company you choose upholds this.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Visa Credit Cards

The present scenario is of technology, mobile phones and such multi media support network. Credit cards, debit cards and such cards are the method through which a person can make his payment transactions. The Visa Cards in one such way wherein a person makes his payment mode of paying. Visa card is one of the new payment features with which a person can get to check out instantly as he does not need to fumble in his wallet for cash. With the aid of the visa card, he can wave this card in front of a counter and do his work instantly without waiting endlessly for exchange of money and changes.

Process of the visa card

As far as visa cards are concerned, a person can retain the control of the card but to some extent. He has to be aware of his card limitations and see that he does not face any fraud. There are over thirty two thousand retailers from over twenty top brands which accept Visa payments. For a person, through the card, it becomes easy and simple to save his precious time each day with instant service at restaurants, movie theatres and such stores.

In order to complete his transaction, the person can pass his card and grab his purchases instantly. However, if the person wants to know on the Visa Cards in his area, the payment process and such things, he can refer to the merchant directory.

Benefits of the Visa Cards in US

For a person, it can become very easy to shop for his needs within minutes and pay through the card. He can enjoy this opportunity and gain access to a lot of instant help from the stores that he visits. To know more on the Visa cards, its process, the payment and such formalities, the person can visit specific websites that can offer him with the process of applying for a visa card and the way it is run.

US immigration information

There is a complete provision of the research guide for the person on the site. The site can contain complete details which are related to the path of legalized status in USA. One can get to have his questions answered through such site. Whether it is related to the immigration procedures and policies, the person can get to know on the way the process of becoming a permanent resident in US is and how he can apply for the same.

There are provisions of detailed information along with steps on how he can apply for a visa and its steps too. The information is generalized and a person cant use such information and try to replace legal advices which are offered to him by an immigration attorney.

To get a legal advice, on certain immigration cases, the person can contact the licensed attorney or see the lawyer directory pages. This way, the person can learn how he can apply for the Visa Cards and certain recommendations too which can help in the near future.

Guidelines on Finding Very low Curiosity Fee on Credit Card

Credit cards are meant to enable you in your each day residing. It tends to make your existence much more hassle-free as you store for your standard wants. Often, when you are in the mood to shop, you neglect that you are heading to have to shell out your bill at the end of the month. It gives you a headache when you see your balance.

Aside from the selling prices of the products that you buy, you have to think about that it is often arrives with curiosity. You can not blame the credit card business since you have agreed to their

Recall that prior to signing a contract with them; get your self oriented initial about the terms and ailments they set for their customers.

In other words, whether or not you accept it or not, you want to spend the bill.

There is a system on how you can lessen the price of your expenses. Aside from lowering the invest in of things just about every time you go buying, you can also seem for credit score card companies that provide decrease interest fee. Later on, you will comprehend that after the interest rate of every item that you purchase is lessened, the total quantity of your bill will also fluctuate.

An additional superior option to do this is to reduce the fee on your existing account.

Here are the guidelines that you can adhere to to get minimal interest fee on credit score card.

oContact the departments in which you have present credit accounts. Tell them to convert your credit account at lowest possible fee. It will assist you to persuade them if you have a extended time transaction with them.

oIf your current credit card firm cannot grant your request, you can transfer to other businesses. It is for your personal welfare. If you stick to organizations with a quite high interest fee, it will all be your loss.

oThe following step is for you to search for a business who is prepared to accept applicants. You can inquire for their make contact with numbers if probable. Make positive that you also display interest in operating with them. This will let them give you a good response for your request.

oAfter you have finished all the essential requisites that they asked from you, wait for a call for at least inside a week. If you did not get any response, just be the one to make a direct inquiry to their office.

oIf the business rejected your request, they are obliged to cite their cause in a letterform for formality sake.

oLastly, you can try in yet another business. Persistence is hugely suggested if you want to get a lower curiosity charge in your credit card. Right after all, you will be benefiting for the fruits of your labor when the time arrives.

Nevertheless, regardless of your persistence if you have bad credit historical past, your energy will be useless. You will be regarded as blacklisted in credit score card organizations. It will be very difficult for you to avail this advantage.

Thus, the crucial if you want to get minimal interest rates on your credit cards is to have a excellent credit document. It is a truth that bulk of the credit score firms reserve slots for low interest charges to buyers who are credible payer.Read more: credit cards with low interest

Best credit card application made easier

Things have changed drastically unlike year ago when it was impossible to know at one go the best credit card firms in the US. Technology must be appreciated in all sectors of the economy. It is now easier than ever to know the best card companies through the freely availed online comparator. One does not have to make unnecessary calls to do so or walk from one end of the city comparing notes. That is history. America tops in some of the best credit cards used worldwide and at very affordable rates namely:- ?American Express ?Chase ?Master Card and ?Visa amongst many others To be able to get the best deal when looking for the best credit card don’t limit yourself to only the top most facilities. There are numerous companies that are giving their customers incredible deals when it comes to choosing to do business with them. With competition being rife, most companies now have initiatives that give customers the chance to chose who they deal with when it comes to making which company to deal with. A cashless society is currently the best thing at a time when people travel the world over. Having to change currencies at each point of entry sometimes is too costly in the long run. If you take time to study the market regarding different kinds of available cards in the market. You will be amazed at the incredible perks you might find by signing with the right company. Do not make hurried or hasty decisions when it comes to choosing a provider. Compare and re-compare best credit card charges and you will be amazed at how the charges in the market differ. Choose a card that will be of service not only within the US but the world over. To be able to locate such, why not look at for cheaper and greater results.

The Pros And Cons Of Prepaid Credit Cards

Observers in the lending industry have estimated that there may be at least 50 million Americans who are not able to qualify for credit. These consumers are usually young, often members of the minority groups and unbankedand they are faced with the long-standing dilemma of credit: how can I build my credit record if no one will give me any credit at all?

One of the answers offered by credit card companies is a variety of prepaid credit cards, designed for use by specific segments in the market. The prepaid credit cards are meant for that significant portion of the population that cannot meet the qualification criteria for regular credit cards, or who qualified before but have since lost their credit due to repeated defaults and other reasons.

Advantages of Prepaid Credit Cards For those who do not have enough credit history or have had it blemished, prepaid credit cards are an effective way to build or slowly rebuild credit. That may not happen immediately, but it is something to work on over time. The banks that issue prepaid credit cards are also prepared to extend normal credit the moment you are able to show that you have become a worthy credit risk.

For the moment, you may have to make do with prepaid credit cards. You can use prepaid credit cards as you would any other regular credit card to purchase airline tickets, reserve hotel rooms, or order items online.

Prepaid Credit Card for Students

There is a special prepaid Visa credit card for students, which offers a lot of convenience not only for the students but also for their parents. These reloadable prepaid credit cards offer parents several options on how to reload. Parents can add money to reloadable prepaid credit cards by depositing money, by arranging an automatic transfer of funds from their account (a deposit account or their own credit card account), or by online transfer. Using the prepaid Visa credit card is no different from giving the regular allowance to their child, only they do so by electronic means and there is no more cash that changes hands.

The big advantage of the prepaid Visa credit card is that the student is limited to spend only as much money as there is in the card. The parent is thus able to control to some extent the spending behavior of their child. They can use the prepaid credit card anywhere that the credit card brand is accepted.

Prepaid Credit Cards as Gift Certificates Some prepaid credit cards function like gift certificates. You buy the prepaid credit card for a certain amount, and your recipient can purchase items with it at any of the brick-and-mortar stores or online merchants, and also for mail order items, that accept the particular credit card brand. Your recipient can use the prepaid credit card only up to the amount of money that you loaded on it. This particular version of prepaid credit cards is non-reloadable.

Like any gift certificate, recipients of prepaid credit cards can buy whatever it is they want at any time they want. Unlike a gift certificate that, when it gets lost is lost forever to the recipient, prepaid credit cards may be replaced if it gets lost or is stolen.

Watch Out – Credit Score Determining Auto Insurance Cost

You hit another car; your auto insurer probably raises your premiums. But you may not know that your premiums can shoot up much higher if your car insurance company is using a new breed of credit score, even if you have a pristine driving record. Known as credit-based insurance scores, these numbers are computed from your bill-paying and loan data collected by the major credit bureaus. In recent years, the scores have become as important in determining your annual premium as your driving record and the neighborhood where you live.

Hundreds of insurers are using models created by ChoicePoint and Fair Isaac, the Minneapolis company that invented credit scoring. Others have developed their own systems. The scoring models stress bits of credit data that would seem to have little to do with a driver’s tendency to make claims. There are no standards: Each company uses different models and weighs different credit-report information. Some big companies find scoring useful only for new customers, not renewals, while others may use it for both.

Auto insurers use this credit information to produce an -insurance score- because they believe it allows them to more accurately assess and price a risk. In conjunction with other information such as years of driving experience, previous accidents, the type of car or home, and where the driver lives and drives, credit-based insurance scores allow insurers to differentiate between lower and higher insurance risks.

These scores are not a measure of someone’s financial assets, but of how you as an individual manage your financial affairs. Insurance scores are supposed to be highly accurate predictors of future loss in auto insurance. The statistical correlation between good credit and relatively low insurance losses presupposes that the responsibility required to prudently manage one’s finances is associated with other types of responsible and prudent behaviors, such as proper maintenance of homes and autos, and safe operation of cars.

Many recent studies confirm the strong correlation between credit history and loss in both auto and homeowners insurance. Neither insurers nor the credit-scoring companies that discovered the relationship know what causes it. It is believed that generally people with a pattern of irresponsible financial behavior and poor credit history have a much greater chance of being in an accident or filing a claim. But the other studies, such as the Monaghan study, which reviewed those long-standing inferences, say that links between responsible financial management and future expected losses are “unsupported.”

Either way scoring could cost you hundreds of extra dollars. Even a driver with a fantastic credit score, who rates a low-interest mortgage, could wind up with a less favorable insurance score and thus a high premium. That’s because formulations for insurance scores weigh credit data differently from traditional lender scores.

There is a way to check. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, insurers are required to notify consumers if they experience adverse action, such as denial, premium increase or cancellation of coverage, due to information contained in their credit report. Consumers also have the right to have errors in their credit report corrected and can request that the insurance company recalculate their insurance score and reevaluate their insurance coverage and premium. Receive a free online auto insurance quote that will save you money by visiting , a reliable auto insurance website that provides information and resources to include information on optional coverage.

Finance Electronics With No Credit Check

Did you know that you could finance many common household electronic items without having a credit check run? Many people dont realize this until they take a few minutes to think about it. Places like Rent To Own and other buy here pay here businesses are set up to sell a wide range of things including electronics to people who either have poor credit or dont want their credit run for other reasons.

Some of the things that you can finance this way include desktop computers, lap top computers, televisions, cameras, DVD players, game systems and radios. As a matter of fact, just about anything electronics related that you could think of is probably available.

Here is how most of these places work. You bring in proof that you have an income, usually in the form of pay stubs from a job, a list of a few people you know with their phone numbers and sign a contract. Some places require a down payment while others dont. You then make weekly or bi-weekly payments until the item is paid off.

While this all sounds pretty good, there is a catch. You usually end up paying a great deal more for whatever it is you are buying than if you were able to just walk into a store and pay for it. You will pay a finance charge plus usually a bunch of other fees, A quick way to see exactly how much an item is going to cost you is to multiply the amount of each payment times the total number of payments. Then subtract the actual cost of the item and you can see how much borrowing is going to cost.

Here is an example. If your payments are $20 a week for 20 weeks, the total amount that you are paying is $400. If the item sells for $250, then you are paying $150 in interest and fees. This can get pretty expensive, so make sure you understand all of the fees and terms before signing a contract.