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Transaction Steps Involved In A Credit Card Payment

The complex procedural steps involved in credit card payment are designed to protect the interests of both the client and the issuing bank, which are as follows: product purchase, authorization, safe-keeping and tracking, and fund transfer.

The type of payment using a credit card has already been popular due to two major reasons such as convenience and safety both on the part of the customer and merchant. Cashless shopping is possible without having to worry about thefts. Apart from the previously mentioned reasons, another importance of accepting credit cards is observable when running an online business. This makes shopping feasible even when you are miles away from the actual store location. You are basically opening more doors for potential customers and not just limit to physically present patrons. However, you might be wondering how a simple card can turn into something profitable. Here is a brief explanation as to how transaction takes place, which are as follows:

Product purchase

Purchasing a product can be done either in actual stores or through online transaction. If the client is physically present during the purchase, the card can be swiped on a terminal device, which captures details such as name of cardholder, account number, date of purchase, and amount. However, if the transaction took place online, you just need the account numbers, so that these can be encoded manually.


There is such entity called acquiring back, which refers to the middleman who facilitates the processing through authorization request. The issuing bank verifies the account number, card type, and the available funds of the cardholder. If there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of purchase, an authorization code will be sent back to the processor. Approval is not always feasible especially if issues like insufficient credit limit and history of unpaid monthly dues are present.

Safe-keeping and tracking

Every time a sale has been consummated, a slip is printed out to be signed by the cardholder. It is then transmitted to the acquirer when claiming for reimbursement, which is usually done at the end of the day.

Fund transfer

Once transaction is confirmed, funds will be deposited by the issuing bank to the acquirer. The acquirer then pays the merchant with an amount equivalent to the purchase minus the minimum processing fee set by the processor. The transfer of funds varies according to the promptness of the merchant in reconciling all signed sales’ slips. The duration of entire processing usually takes place between 2 – 3 days depending on the regulation of the bank. Whenever there is a chargeback, the issuing and the acquiring banks will have to settle the concern through refunds or in worst scenario, cancellation of transaction.

Credit card does not always mean advantage; therefore, using it properly and wisely is highly recommended.

Details On Accept Credit Cards In Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a kind of accounting software by Intuit. It was founded in California during the 1980s by Tom Proulx and Scott Cook. The success of Quick for management on individual accounts sparked the development of Quickbooks as an option for small business owners. Many options are available with this, including the option to accept credit cards in Quickbooks.

Intuit has developed multiple web-based functions for this program. These features include but are not limited to online banking mapping feature through Google Maps improved email functionality via free quickbooks best backup software for windows 7 Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express payroll assistance and remote outsourcing remote access capabilities electronic payments reconciliation and marketing options through Google. Numerous add-on programs are available to further improve user experience.

It is easy for these software users to get paid. It can be done through two main ways. Intuit accepts bank transfers, check and credit cards. Users can go mobile to accept the payments on their smartphone or tablet devices. The swipe rates for this plan start as low as 1.75 percent. Users are able to accept the payment anywhere through this processing method. They will even be given a card reader at no cost, the ability to sync seamlessly with Quickbooks and the option to personalize their receipts with a name and logo.

This great new feature makes it easier to accept payments quick and easily. It offers new convenience when it comes to getting paid in a timely matter. Plus it free quickbooks best accounting software for small business () allows for customization. It will auto calculate the sales tax for users. The entire process is done through a secure network so you and your clients do not have to be concerned about privacy of personal information.

With GoPayment, users can choose which plan is right for their needs. The pay-as-you-go plan is zero dollars per month. Users only pay for each transaction. This might be ideal for individuals who are just starting out. The swipe rate is 2.75 percent and keyed rate is 3.75 percent. Want to get the best value? Try a different plan with low monthly rates. Users can pay $12.95 a month and save more on every transaction. With this plan, the swipe rate is 1.75 percent and keyed rate is 2.75 percent.

Get started by requesting a payment. This is may be done in one of three ways: capturing a photo of the credit card details, keying the information in or swiping the physical card. The transaction may also be processed online. Then, the customer should sign on the mobile app to accept the charge. Customers are issued a receipt when all is done through text or email.

Quickbooks Payments also automatically show in accounts. Clients are not charged any fees and get payment quickly, conveniently and efficiently. Email invoices with a “pay now” link, and online and mobile payments can be accepted. The software will deposit quickly into the accounts, usually in a matter of just a few days.

With Payments, there is also a pay-as-you-go option and a low monthly rate plan. If you choose to pay while you go, the bank transfer rate will be 50 cents. The keyed rate is then 3.4 percent and 25 cents, and the swipe rate is 2.4 percent and 25 cents. The plan of $19.95 per month includes a bank transfer rate of 50 cents, swipe rate at 1.75 percent and 25 cents, and keyed rate of only 3.15 percent and 25 cents.

Different Types Of Finance Options For Small Business Start-ups

There are many small business owners who started their venture without any funds. To run your own business is an attractive prospect, but it is a sad fact that only a few businesses make it through the first few years of operation.

Provided that the owner developed a comprehensive business plan with a solid projected cash flow, next step would be to raise finance either by attracting investors or securing a bank loan. Depending on the needed amount, there are a few financing options available to new business start ups.

Business Credit Cards

Opening a business credit card account is probably the easiest way to gain access to a working capital. There are many banks that offer unsecured credit card account with up to $20 thousand available credit. Any larger credit amounts will need to be secured against the directors’ personal assets. Many of these cards come with an attached reward system, so spending and repaying a sizable amount every month will accumulate reward points that may prove to be useful for travel or exchange for other goods.

Business Loans

Applying for a business loan with a bank or a financial broker requires the business owner to produce a well developed business plan that includes a five year cash flow projection. The bank will assess the application and will make a value judgment whether they think the business can survive and whether the owner has what it takes to make the business work. There is nothing the owner can do apart from hoping that the business idea will work and the bank manager will see it that way too. Normally the bank will require security from the borrower – usually the owner’s personal assets. In many cases the bank will establish a “lenders covenant” and monitor the business finance making sure that the borrowed amount is never lower than an agreed percentage of the business value.

Finance Lease

Finance lease if often use to fund business capital purchases such as computer equipment and cars. In this case the financing company purchases equipment on the owner’s behalf and lets the owner use it for an agreed monthly fee. There are many types of different leasing options, so it’s best to discuss available options with hardware and equipment vendors.

Low Doc Loans

Australian financial institutions offer, what is called, a low doc loan facility to businesses that are not able to provide sufficient information to support their income. It is often useful for new business start-ups as a new business would not have enough data to produce audited financials that are required for normal business loans.

Whatever the choice may be, business finance provider must be chosen very carefully. For people who are new to running a business it is suggested to discuss the business funding with an experienced friend or a financial advisor.

Funding Binary Options Account

The most frequently asked question is “How can I fund my Binary Options Account?” It is dependent on the broker and each broker is having different options but most of them have Credit Card, Debit Card and Bank Wires.

Funding Binary Options Account with credit cards is most favorite option because it is instantaneous. If you see a trade is going and you don’t have fund in your bank account you can use credit card and make 100/1000$ deposit and it will be transferred immediately in your account and you can make the positive trade. With credit card some legal recourse is also provided by the credit card companies, i.e., if something happens with the brokerage company or something goes wrong then you can play a lot better with credit card rather then bank wire. So far no major binary options companies are having record of many issues with deposit or use of legal recourse but its a good option to have it.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt – The Easy Ways

In the year 2009, President Obama, in order to provide relief to those millions who are finding it difficult to eliminate credit card debt, signed a bill for the President Obama Credit Card Refill Program that aimed at releasing millions into the American Economic system. The relief program to eliminate credit card debt aimed at erasing all debts if there is an unsecured debt of more than $10, 000. However, you might not fall under the category of people who are entitled to get relief from debt under the program. So, what do you do? Surely there are ways to fathom from the crisis and to prevent yourself from going bankrupt. Eliminate credit card debt easily and promptly with the help of financial consultants. There are many financial service providers whom you can approach via their websites. From such a financial service provider, you could get expert suggestions and consultation to relief debt without paying a fortune!

So, are you interested to learn more? Here it goes–

Almost every one of us would love to shop-till-we-drop and spend a lot of credit money in buying a pile of things, and then- not have to pay a single dime! You can rest assured that you are not the only one in the universe to wish for the same. However, it is advised that you should not keep credit card debts at all otherwise there are certain problems that might pop up in future as follows:

1.You could damage credit profile permanently, which would lead to low credit ratings. In such a situation you might face difficulties in getting further credit cards, car loans, and mortgages in future.

2.These days there is an increasing trend of checking credit ratings by employers. Therefore, if you have huge unsecured credit card debts, you might find it difficult to get a job. This holds true for employees who might have access to company’s financial dealings.

3.It is better to pay off your bills on time otherwise; you might have to face the consequences of an increased rate of interest later.

Although it is not possible to get eliminate credit card debt without paying at all, except declaration of bankruptcy (such declaration might cost a person his house, cars, and all other valuable assets), it is better to take help of financial services who might help you to negotiate with the banks and financial service providers so that you could come out of the debt by fishing out a lesser amount. Moreover, such service provider would also suggest you to manage your credit ratings in a better way.

One such reputed service provider is If you are still interested to learn more about the ways to eliminate credit card debt, contact Integrity First Financial Services immediately!

Countertop Replacement Estimate

If you like to do home projects, replacing a countertop is the perfect job for you. It is not hard but does require two people and this is because of handling the countertop itself and aligning it up when it is time to put the new one on. If you are not sure where to start then you need to start with an estimate.

You can go to a couple of companies and then a Do-It Yourself store to price out the cost of the materials. What you would want to compare is apples to apples and this means the same materials. If you are replacing your countertop with a specific material then that is the material you get your countertop replacement estimate on. In the end if you change your mind on the material you are going to use then you know what the company is going to charge for your original idea.

Sears offers kitchen remodeling services and this would be a place to start. Everyone knows the store name and a good reputation on their products and services. You may want to pick out another company in town that the local people use depending on where you live and the last countertop replacement estimate will be your own. Of course, it should work out that you are cheaper because you are not charging yourself labor costs.

A few of the things that you would want the company to describe and define for you is the material for the countertop, the other materials needed to complete that project, the initial measuring and ordering with a time frame of how long this will take to get the countertop in and the project started and then how long your kitchen will be out of commission while they are replacing your countertop. You would not want a company to take a month to do this job. Unless, it is a special order counter and color. The job itself should only take a couple of days from start to finish. If you are doing the job yourself then it may take a little longer but this is not necessarily the case to replace a countertop.

Another item you may want a company to cover is the financing and that is when you need to pay them. As part of the countertop replacement estimate, this should be written down if the monies are due at the beginning of the project. In payments or when the job is completed to the customers satisfaction. If you want the companies to finance the project then ask them upfront if this is a service that they provide since not all companies offer financing to their customers. They may suggest a financial institution that they work with that you can apply to get the monies. Do not leave the financing question until the end. Once you have decided on the best countertop replacement estimate then schedule it and get it done.


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LEARN ABOUT..RATE LOCK SERVICE!!!! The Houston Ship Channel is home to numerous companies, some really large, that offer goods and services to the oil and gas, construction and other Houston industries. Nearly all of those businesses accept credit cards for payment and have a merchant account. All of them want to discover about your Rate Lock service. I want you to know that I will do all I can to tell them about We are most appreciative for what you’ve carried out to support us control our credit card processing costs. We wish you well in obtaining your breakthrough procedure into wide use. H. G. B., President Industrial supply Store Houston, Texasxas

BREAKTHROUGH PROPRIETARY PROCEDURE!! This purpose of this letter is to comment on the service has provided to our hotel group. When we very first talked four months ago you explained to me the breakthrough proprietary process your business had developed. You said that your company could analyze our merchant credit card processing statements and figure out regardless of whether we had been paying far more than the fair costs for the services being provided by our processor, Heartland Payment Systems. You said that with further detailed analysis you could ascertain precisely just how much we had been overpaying. We doubted that could do what you said. Nonetheless, you proposed to work on a contingency basis and be paid only a percentage of the savings you delivered and documented to our company. We saw no reason not to allow your business to try to lower our group’s merchant credit card processing costs. In our minds it was a “no-risk proposition” as you described it. We had thought for some time that we had been paying too a lot, but we had no thought of how our monthly bills may be reduced.

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Interchange is handled by credit card processing companies, some of which are really big. Annual industry sales exceed $48 billion.

Clients don’t change processors or purchase any equipment. They’re given a risk-free trial and pay only for performance, as a percentage of the documented savings achieved each month. typically saves clients 10%-25% of prior monthly processing costs.

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Annual Free Credit Report

When discussing Free Credit Reports and Credit Scores, it is important to know just what the differences are between the two.

Your Annual Free Credit Report lists the full detail on all your credit accounts. It tracks your past payments on all your loans and credit cards. Your credit file is different than your credit score. Your credit score is a number that ranges from 300 to 850.

Your annual free credit report provides you with information that is in your credit file maintained by the consumer reporting companies which could be given in a report about you to a lender.

Your credit score is a number from FICO, and is a mathematical model that evaluates many different types of information in your credit file. Your FICO Score is used by a lender to help them determine whether you might qualify for a particular credit card, loan, or service. Most credit scores estimate the risk a company incurs by lending you money or providing them with a service. In other words, the likelihood that you would make your payments on time in the future. The higher your credit score, the less risk you represent to a lender.

The credit score you saw last year or even last week for that matter, was a snapshot of your credit file at that moment in time. Credit scores are fluid and can change anytime your credit report file is updated with new information.

If your credit score number is lower than you would like it to be, here are a few ways you might improve your credit score.

Pay Down Your Debt

Decreasing your “credit availability to credit use ratio on all revolving charge cards to under 25% of your credit limit is the easiest way to improve up your credit score. In otherwords, if you have a $10,000 credit limit on a credit card, you need to keep your balances under $2.500. Credit scores can really take a hit if your account balances are above the 50% credit limit.

Get A Visa Secure Card

Secure cards look like any other credit card offered by your bank or credit union but the difference is you actually deposit funds into your secure card account. The good news here is that your secure card account is reported to the credit bureaus. This way having a good track record on the account will certainly help improve your credit score.

Apply For A Small Personal Loan

Using your savings as collateral on a small personal loan is a great way to get positive information going into your credit file. These are low interest loans that are paid back in months rather than years in most cases.

Use Retail Store Credit Cards

Retail cards have smaller credit limits and are pretty easy to get. If you behave and pay your bills on time or even better, payoff those balances every month, your credit score has nowhere to go but up.

Keep Your Existing Credit Accounts Open

Accounts with a long history are always better than accounts with short histories. Never close an old account when opening up a new one.

Review Your Credit Report At Least Once A Year

Start today by getting your free annual credit report. You need to know just what is in your credit report file before you do anything else. We recommend that you order your credit score at the same time as well. Make sure that the information from each credit bureau match up. Important things to look for are wrong social security numbers, wrong addresses (current and past), unauthorized account inquiries, past employers, and any late payments.

You should always stay on top of your credit reports and credit score before you apply for any loans or credit card.


Are you in need of a quick finance urgently which does not require heavy documentation or paperwork? If yes, 24 hour bad credit loans help you to meet all your requirements at the right time whenever the problem arises. Now you can fulfill all your dreams within less time and get instant credit without any hassles.

Such finances can be availed in both secured and unsecured forms which can be utilized for various purposes such as to pay off electricity bills, medical bills, education fees, wedding expenses, car repairs, wedding expenses and debt consolidation.

To avail this finance you need to meet our eligibility criteria such as the borrower must be a permanent citizen of UK, he should be above 18 years old, he must have a stable job with a regular income of 1000 and you must have an active bank account. This finance can de availed within a short span. By comparing different loan quotes you can get better deals from the lenders.

By applying for 24 hour bad credit loans you can experience numerous benefits such as:

Instant cash within 24 hours of application.

Least documentation and paperwork required.

Quick availability of cash ranging from 200 to 25000.

Easy repayment period up to 1-30 days.

Easy and simple application procedure.

The borrower is given cash ranging from 200 to 25000 and the repayment period is 1-10 years that change according to your needs. Online application is easy and can be instantly approved without any hassles.

All you need to do is to fill a simple online application form with your basic details. The lender will verify your information and approve the loan amount within 24 hours directly in your bank account.

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Consider a College Student Credit Card a College Necessity

Parents of college students may hear the words college student credit card and want to run away fast. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Having a credit card gives a student the freedom they desire to spend money the way they want. However, there is a chance that they can be out of control with their spending and not realize that they must pay that money back at the end of the month.

Some people believe that credit card companies target college students because most of them are nave about money, and have uncontrollable spending habits. As a result, they can get more money out of these nave college students in the form of fees, finance charges for high balances, and high interest rates. In addition, some colleges receive a percentage of money from the credit card companies for providing them with the space on campus to solicit the students, and allowing them to mail the credit card information to the students.

On the other hand, some argue that it is actually a good thing that credit card companies give students a credit card because it teaches them early the responsibility of having a credit card, developing a credit history, and learning how to spend wisely. If a college student has a responsible credit limit, amount they can spend, on their credit card it will keep them in check as to how much money they can spend and then have to pay back. The student years are a great time to establish a positive credit history.

If you are a parent who wants to get a student credit card for your child, the first and most important thing to do is research what available cards are out there. There are many attractive credit cards available, but they are not all beneficial for your child. For example, there are some that offer cash back or reward points for using the card. Then there are some that offer a low or 0% interest rate or no annual fee. You know your child fairly well, therefore you will know what card would be best for you child.

Another option of credit card that parents can get for their child is a prepaid credit card. With this card, a balance can be set and added to the card whenever you choose. This way, you set their budget so that they don’t go overboard with their spending. Prepaid cards still give the student freedom, while it gives you the ability to monitor their spending. The only downside to a prepaid card is that it does not establish a credit history for your child.

There are many choices for credit cards available, and all it takes is setting aside some time to do the research. Take your time so that you make the best option.

Before you head off to college, take some time to compare student credit cards. Here are some of the best student credit cards online. If you are done college, consider applying for cash back credit cards instead.