Auto Repair Financing Options – No Credit Check

Whether you are a consumer looking for auto repair financing options or an automotive/transmission shop looking to help consumers who need finance help, there are four new financing options available that do not rely on having good credit.

Rather than credit, these new auto repair finance options rely on check-writing history and income. Here are some examples:

ARC90 – Finances auto and transmission repair. Approval based on income and check writing history. No credit check is required. The shop gets paid an advance on the job, and the consumer can finance the balance for 90 days up to 6 months. You will need to submit proof of income such as paystubs or bank statements and a copy of your drivers license.

Secure Payment Systems – Will finance auto and transmission repair up to $5,000. 25% down from the customer is required. Key to approval is good check writing history. The shop gets paid in full within 72 hours and the consumer can finance the balance up to 12 months.

Cross-Check – Offers an up to 90 day deferred payment plan for auto and transmission repair shops. 25% down required. Approval based on good check writing history. There are no interest or financing charges to the customer.

In-House Financing – Some car repair and transmission repair shops have chosen to in-house finance customers. There is usually a down payment required to cover most or all of the parts costs.

If you are a shop owner who does in-house car repair financing, there are new software packages available that automate the auto repair finance process from start to finish in 10 minutes. They include automated ACH-drafts from the consumer’s checking account, 3-bureau credit checks, 50-state promissory notes and automated initial collection calls. These new software packages take the hassle out of in-house financing and automate the process for you. They even handle the initial collection calls, if a payment bounces, so you do not have to.

If you are a consumer in need of car repair financing, contact your local auto repair shop and ask what options they have available for you. If they do not have options available, you can either tell them about no-credit check options you found here online or try another auto repair shop.

Many auto repair shops are starting to adapt to both outside and in-house financing programs to help customers who end up having to pay for an unexpected auto repair or transmission repair.

Transmission and major engine repairs can cost anywhere between $1200-$3500 depending on the type of vehicle and the type of repair, so it is important to have financing options available so you can get your car fixed and get back on the road!