Bin List Credit Card Numbers Comparisons- Bin2country Vs. Exactbins

Running a business is fraught with challenges both online and in the brick and mortar world. Not being able to take credit cards can be a definite setback, but it can be an even greater challenge when you aren’t getting accurate verification from your credit card bin list providers. With accurate bin list credit card numbers, you have peace of mind. But in order to enjoy those full benefits so you can focus more on doing business, you will need to know which services are out there and which you can trust. Two of the more reputable firms are Bin2Country and ExactBins, but even with accuracy, you must also be aware of your own needs as a business customer and go with the one that covers all the bases at a price you can afford.

First, the similarities.

Getting an accurate copy of credit card bin list numbers is essential to what makes a provider strong. Both of these providers give you the information you need in an easy to read and digest CSV format. Each company also offers super fast email delivery within a few hours of purchase. Last but not least, they provide free regular updates for a certain length of time so that you can see a track record of trustworthiness right before your eyes. All of these features are top tier, and you shouldn’t go with any provider, who fails to include them. That being said, there are differences to be mindful of.

The bin list credit card numbers themselves.

Bin2Country has a healthy selection of numbers totaling 220,000, and it’s growing all the time. Likewise, ExactBins frequently updates their registry, though actual numbers run at a lower 190,000 at the time of this writing, around 20 percent less than its competitor. That doesn’t necessarily mean that one is better than the other as you may not need a database that is so extensive for your records, though it certainly doesn’t hurt to have as many as possible.

Parameters and updates.

Where ExactBins starts to stand out from its competitor is in the areas of updates and parameters. Its last update was a full week later than Bin2Country and it verifies based on six parameters, twice that of the competition. Before you go with either of these services, it’s probably best to contact them and verify that they have a routine set up for collecting updates. Find out what that is and also how each parameter is used in maintaining the accuracy of the database. Again, more is not necessarily better, so don’t be fooled by thin sales pitches.

Whichever provider you go with, know that you are doing it for the security and effectiveness of your business. Make sure the company you choose upholds this.