How Credit Card Debt Can Affect Your Marriage

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Marriage in these difficult economic times can be stressful enough, but when both spouses have credit card debt, it can make things even worse. Stress can sometimes lead to arguments and problems within a marriage and unmanageable credit card debt can be the leading source of this stress. When partners begin to blame each other for the financial situation that they may be in, it can’t be good for the marriage. The Federal Reserve says the average household in 2009 carried nearly $5,100 in credit card debt and is expected to go up to increase to nearly $6,500 by 2010.

Both spouses attach little value to the other’s purchases, which leads to problems, especially if the new toys contribute to credit card debt. The stress of financial problems is compounded because neither party feels the other’s purchases were warranted or have value approaching their monetary cost. Cynthia Cooper, Ph.D, marriage counselor and author says that 43% of married couples have marital spats over money and spending issues.

One approach, instead of wasting time and energy on finger pointing, is to concentrate on solving the problem by getting your credit card debt in order and maybe even trying to pay off the debt entirely, if possible. At the very least, identify a solution like contacting a reputable credit counseling company to assist you in paying off this debt. This will probably bring the two of you even closer together.

Couples can have arguments all the time about things like who will do the laundry and even how the kids should be disciplined, so having a disagreement about something like how to handle credit card debt is not uncommon – It’s likely! One person may want to attack the credit card debt aggressively until it’s paid in full, while the other person might prefer to make minimum payments so they can save up to pay cash for a vacation. Having unmanageable credit card debt is something that never brings two people closer together – normally.

Some marriage experts say having financial problems such as credit card debt is the single biggest reason for filing a divorce, while some other experts in the marriage field suggest that financial difficulties might just be a default problem that couples can blame all of their other problems on.

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