How To Get Your $3,000 Guaranteed Bad Credit Loan Now

Life has its ups and downs, and sometimes we all need to borrow some money. The emergencies of life can leave bad credit borrowers out in the cold, as many banks and lending institutions refuse to loan money to those who have less than perfect credit. However, there are lenders that will loan you up to $3,000 for whatever purpose you might have, hassle free and without a credit check. These loans are called guaranteed bad credit loans and nearly every borrower will qualify for one.

Money To Pay Urgent Bills

A guaranteed bad credit loan is a short term loan for those borrowers who have less than perfect credit that need cash fast. Whether you need money to fix your car that suddenly left you stranded on the freeway, or to pay a forgotten utility bill or mortgage payment to avoid negative consequences, the bad credit guaranteed loan is for you.

Borrow Up To $3,000

Bad credit guaranteed loans are also called payday loans because they are short term loans written to you in the amount you need to borrow until your next payday. You can request any amount that you can reasonably afford to repay the lender when you are paid, with commonly granted amounts up to $3,000.

To apply for a guaranteed bad credit loan the only requirements are that you have a job with a regular paycheck and an active checking account that is not overdrawn. There is no credit check performed. Because the regulations for getting a bad credit guaranteed loan are so sparse, nearly everyone who applies will qualify, which makes this type of loan the most popular among bad credit borrowers.

Simple Application Process

Your bad credit guaranteed loan servicer will ask you a few simple questions to approve you for the cash that you need. You will be asked to present certain documentation to secure your bad credit guaranteed loan, including your recent paystub, current bank statement, and picture identification card issued by the state, such as a driver license. You might also be asked to give your bad credit guaranteed loan servicer with up to three references. These references should be people that know you and can get a message to you if the servicer cannot reach you at the phone number you provide them.

You will present the lender with a post dated check in the amount that you wish to borrow, plus fees and interest. The lender will hold your post dated check until the agreed upon date, which usually coincides with your next scheduled pay date. When the date arrives, the lender will deposit the check into your account to receive reimbursement for the money they have loaned you. It is that simple.

To save on the amount of interest and fees that you will be charged when you get your bad credit guaranteed loan, you should apply with an online lender. Online lenders can approve your application in minutes (while charging you much less than a walk-in loan store) and deposit the proceeds of your bad credit guaranteed loan directly into your checking account the same day.