Credit Card Minimum Payments Vs. Unsecured Loan Installments

You may be undergoing a difficult financial situation where you are unable to cancel the balances on your credit cards and you have no other choice than paying the minimums and leaving large unpaid balances. Though you may think you have no other choice, you could easily get approved for an unsecured personal loan and replace the minimum and variable credit card payments with fixed loan installments.

When you have financial problems, credit cards instead of being a blessing turn out to be an incredibly heavy burden. Financing unpaid balances is extremely expensive and your minimum payments keep increasing eating up your income till you finally wont be able to meet the payments.

Credit Cards Payments

Though the flexibility credit cards provide is undoubtedly useful in normal situations, you can easily feel tempted to reduce the amount of money you destine to pay your credit card balances and use it for other expenses. Since credit cards let you pay only a small portion of the balance, the temptation is big but doing so can bring many problems to your financial health.

The interest rate charged for credit card financing can be as high as 25% on an annual basis. Such

Tablet-Based Mobile Credit Card Processing

It’s no secret that the credit card processing industry is evolving fast. From online credit card processing services to mobile credit card processing, new products and trends are transforming the way consumers pay for their purchases.

One such trend is new tablet-based point-of-sale (POS) systems. There has been an explosion in the number of new products in this area recently. Some interesting solutions include GoPago, ShopKeep, Leaf and NCR Silver. And more players are entering the arena practically every week.

The question is: will these new tablet-based products become a popular form of credit card processing for small businesses?

Personally, I’m excited about their potential. They can provide many of the features of traditional POS systems at a small percentage of the price. Plus, they’re easier to install and use for small business owners. For approximately $1,000 you can get a complete POS system, including the tablet, stand, money drawer, printer and barcode scanner. Yes, this is more expensive that a standard credit card terminal, but it’s far less expensive that a traditional POS system, which can set you back $20,000 or more.

Given their price and usability, these tablet POS systems can be a great fit for many of your merchants. However, there

What is Credit Repair 3 Proven Facts About Fixing Your Credit You Need to Know

In this article we are going to take a look at defining credit repair. What is credit repair REALLY anyway? With so much myth and misinformation out there regarding what you can and can not do to improve your financial standing, it’s no wonder so many folks are constantly confused. Does this describe you? If so…continue reading as I shine a bright light on the process you’ll need to follow to get back on the right track in no time! Read on..:-)

What is Credit Repair?

Very simple! It’s the process by which an individual attempts to restore the financial record that is maintained on him or her through outside credit repositories. There are THREE big ones, and they have a tremendous influence in your ability to do all kinds of important functions, from buying a home to getting a good job!

Can I repair my credit myself…or do I need to hire a company to do it for me?

Great question – and you can ABSOLUTELY fix your credit yourself. No company is required, although arguably those who have more professional experience may in fact be able to help you get better results faster…SIMPLY because

Andhra Pradesh Grameena Vikas Bank – Agriculture Cash Credit (Crop Loans)

Purpose: This loan finances cultivation of various crops.


Purpose: This loan finances cultivation of various crops.

Eligibility: All categories of farmers – Small/Marginal (SF/MF) and others including Tenant farmers and Share Croppers who actually cultivate the lands are eligible to get this personal loan.

Quantum of Loan: The loan amount depends up on the crop cultivated on the land.

Rate of Interest: In case of the loans disbursed during the subvention period, the rate of interest for loans up to Rs. 3 lakhs is 7% per annum and 14% per annum for the loans above Rs. 3 lakhs. In case of the loans disbursed after the subvention period the rate of interest is 14% per annum.

Security: Hypothecation of crop is necessary in case of all crop loans. For loans above Rs. 50, 000/- up to Rs. 1 lakh, mortgage of land or third party guarantee is also required along with the hypothecation of crops. In case of loans above Rs. 1 lakh mortgage of land is necessary.

Other Documents Required: The documents of proof for the following are also required to be submitted along with the loan application.

Tips for Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Identity theft is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous crimes in America. People are losing thousands of dollars and months, if not years, of their lives to correct the damage to their credit and their reputations. A large part of identity theft is credit card fraud, where somebody either uses your credit cards to make illegal purchases, or opens up a completely new credit card in your name and goes on a spending spree to end all spending sprees.

1. Be Careful with Your Personal Information Online

Its really no laughing matter, though, and you should take serious steps to avoiding credit card fraud. One of the best ways to avoid credit card fraud is to be careful with your online purchases. Many Web sites will store your credit card information on them, leaving your valuable information out there on the Internet for hackers to steal. That makes it important to always decline a Web site that asks to store your personal information. Sure you may have to re-enter your info every time your make a purchase at a site, but the extra effort is well worth it.

2. The Verification Code

Another good step is to only shop

Five Steps To Improve Your Credit Score Starting From Zero

Your credit score is the single most important factor that decides your financial success. The process of re-establishing your credit rating after having suffered a job loss or some sort of family emergency may seem impossible, but the truth is starting from scratch is more simpler that you think. The hard part when it comes to starting over and raising your credit score is maintaining a consistent payment regimen with the credit bureaus.

The first step to raising your credit score is getting a copy of your free triple score report. Once you have copy of your report, it is important to examine your report thoroughly for mistakes. You should never assume that you report is accurate. You will be surprised at the amount of mistakes on your report. Some of the most common errors may include: reporting late payments erroneously, listing the same negative account multiple times, and reporting a family member’s account on your bureau. The best way to deal with mistakes on your report is to consult with a credit attorney.

The second step in the process of improving your credit bureau involves putting some positive items on your report. Your credit report may be clean as

How To Obtain A Credit Line For Business Endeavors

A line of credit is an arrangement wherein a financial institution agrees to lend cash to a customer up to a specified limit. Generally arranged before the funds would be required, this option will provide a flexible solution for the customer which gives the ability to meet short-term cash whenever needed. This can also be called a bank line, revolver, credit line, open-end credit, revolving credit agreement.

With the interest expense charged on any drawn portion of the credit line, most borrowers incur expenses related to legal and document fees, some commitment fees paid to the lender during closing, and fees paid throughout the time of the facility on the average unused portion, often referred to as an unused fee. However, a fraction of the interest expense on the line will be the unused fee.

Moreover, a Business Line of Credit, is a common type of financing that is being offered by most business and consumer banks. It is a business capital that one can access any time but up to a certain amount contracted by the borrower and the lender to handle any expense. The borrower can repay and reuse this as needed also.

On the other hand, a

New Credit Card Rules and How To Take Advantage

Old times never come back and I suppose it’s just as well. What comes back is a new morning every day in the year, and that’s better.” – George Edward Woodberry

A couple weeks ago, “The Card ACT” brought some new credit card rules in play, and I wanted to give you a “heads up” about the changes which affect YOU.

How To Use New Credit Card Laws To Your Advantage

You may not have heard, but a new credit card law (“The Card ACT”) went into effect recently. The provisions of this new law that will impact most of us are the ones around interest rates, over-limit fees, payment allocation, and monthly statements. Now, if you don’t use credit cards in your family life, this doesn’t apply to you…but most people do, and you should know about what’s now being done by credit card companies in response to this new law.

So, here is a quick summary of what you should know so that you can take full advantage of these pro-consumer changes:

Interest Rates

The new rules will make it harder for credit card companies to raise a customer’s rates across the board. Under the so-called “universal default

Car Dealerships In Michigan That Do Business With Bad Credit Car Buyers

As Michigan residents crawl out of the recent recession there still seems to be many struggling to get the things needed to stay above water financially. Not only do you need a vehicle for your daily essentials, but a vast majority of residents drive over an hour a day for work. It has become a necessity for Michigan residents to own a vehicle, and many lenders and dealerships have opened up credit requirements for bad credit consumers to get approved.

There are many car dealerships in Michigan that do business with people’s bad credit auto loan guaranteed financing options for bad credit car buyers. Lenders understand the reasons of why many people have bad credit. A lot of that has to do with job loss, and the economy taking a hit a few years back. With the unemployment rate going down the need for poor credit auto loans has increased vastly. Lenders have developed programs allowing them to lend to high risk borrowers. While dealerships offer guaranteed approval, borrowers will fall into one of two types of programs; subprime loans or buy here pay here financing.

Subprime Auto Loans Can Benefit From Down Payment

Subprime loans are based more off

How Much Credit Do I Qualify For

When you qualify for a credit card, your bank will determine your credit limit, based upon a number of factors detailed below.

Credit cards offer individuals greater financial flexibility and improved spending power, by providing access to a line of credit on an ongoing basis. The amount of flexibility will, of course, be determined by your credit limit, which is set by the bank issuing your credit card. Credit limits are regularly reviewed, and can be increased or decreased based upon these reviews.

In this article learn more about how credit limits work, and the factors determining how a credit limit is set. This will give you a better idea of how much credit will be extended to you if you qualify for a credit card. Also be sure to explore the range of credit cards available via the Plastiq site.

What is a credit limit?
A credit limit is the maximum amount of money that you have available on yourcredit card account. For example, if your credit card limit is R5,000, you can spend up to R5,000 on credit before you reach the limit set by your bank. When you repay the credit youve used, or