What is Credit Repair 3 Proven Facts About Fixing Your Credit You Need to Know

In this article we are going to take a look at defining credit repair. What is credit repair REALLY anyway? With so much myth and misinformation out there regarding what you can and can not do to improve your financial standing, it’s no wonder so many folks are constantly confused. Does this describe you? If so…continue reading as I shine a bright light on the process you’ll need to follow to get back on the right track in no time! Read on..:-)

What is Credit Repair?

Very simple! It’s the process by which an individual attempts to restore the financial record that is maintained on him or her through outside credit repositories. There are THREE big ones, and they have a tremendous influence in your ability to do all kinds of important functions, from buying a home to getting a good job!

Can I repair my credit myself…or do I need to hire a company to do it for me?

Great question – and you can ABSOLUTELY fix your credit yourself. No company is required, although arguably those who have more professional experience may in fact be able to help you get better results faster…SIMPLY because they have already learned the landscape. ( not much different than a plumber can fix your pipes faster than you may can!)

Is there anything illegal about the credit repair process?

Absolutely NOT! Credit repair is your right, is mandated by Congress through legislation that has been passed and improved upon for several decades and REGARDLESS of the myths out there you may here, there is NOTHING illegal about it all. There ARE however, techniques you want to avoid – but they are those that would strike ALL of us as obvious anyway I would imagine! (like filing for a new identity or social security number for example) Just use your common sense when engaging credit repair services, or doing your own, your gut and instincts are ALL that you need to follow not to get into any legal hot water!

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