What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Obtain Student Credit Card

The need for higher education and to get an upper degree to fit in the job market increases a lot each year as well as the cost. To meet the financial demands of the college and help the students, many credit card companies have been offering credit cards specially designed for the students.

The student credit cards are design for the purpose of helping the students to cover the educational expenses when the financial help isnt enough.

A great help

The student credit card comes as a great help for most student. It not only fulfils their financial needs but also serves as the first experience of handling the finances independently. This will teach them the lesson of how to manage their finances. It teaches them how to spend and save.

The students can get the benefits that are mostly associated with the credit cards that are safety, convenience, rebates and more. These cards also help to build the credit history which can be very limited for most of the students. If you have a credit card from a tender age, you can start building your credit history and get a better score.

Criteria for obtaining the student credit card

In order to obtain the student credit card, you have to meet certain criteria that the credit card company gives. Those criteria may be different from one company to another. They may have different schemes which may fit some of the students well. It is always better that you check these things out before signing the deal with any of the company.

The credit card company will issue the student credit card when the student is 18 years of age and be a resident of the place. You must also have an active social security number.

Student credit cards can be obtained when one of their parents signs their approval. This is done to keep a track and ensures to return the balance on time by the credit holder.

You have to fill in the application form given by the company and provide the details about yourself. Other than that you have to provide them the information of your personal bank account. They will also ask for an authorised user to make sure that they will take the responsibility in case you fail to pay up the balance.

Most of the times, the credit card companies are most careful with students while they issue the credit cards. Since the students have no credit history which will verify their claim, the company has to be extra careful.

Kinds of student credit cards

There are two main options that you may choose when it comes to a student credit card. They are the secured and unsecured cards.

The secured cards are the one that where you have to pay in advance to use it. This card is more like the debit cards. Most parents and students prefer this card as it offers a more safety measure.

The unsecured cards are the traditional credit cards where a line of credit is given to the student. This card has is more flexible than that of the secured cards.