What Purpose Do Virtual Credit Card Numbers Serve

The single-use credit card numbers that are available through virtual credit card numbers is quickly catching on among todays consumers, because of the security and protection they offer when making online purchases. These virtual credit card numbers are similar to the disposable cameras that many people take on vacation instead of their more expensive cameras, as both serve to protect precious information or products from theft or damage.

Nowadays, it seems to be all too common to hear reports of credit card and debit card fraud or identity theft than it ever was before.

The credit card companies and the consumers are both trying to find ways to deal with the risks involved in safeguarding the consumers credit and personal information and still enable the people to enjoy the convenience of using their credit cards to make purchases online and also at local retailers.

Among the potential answers to these serious problems, the virtual credit card number holds the most promise.

With a virtual credit card number, you can make purchases online at anytime of the day or night; these temporary numbers, usually to be used only once allow you to make complete transactions without revealing your actual credit card number. Now, there may be times when the card may be valid for a pre-determined period of time, this will allow you to use the number for multiple purchases before the window of opportunity closes.

The purpose of virtual credit card numbers is to stand in as the real number so that it protects you from unauthorized card use that can damage credit. If a hacker infiltrates a credit card processing center online to steal card information, when they try to use the number, the virtual card will no longer be valid.

Even in situations where your card information seems to be perfectly secure and safe from fraud or theft, another factor comes into play, because even the merchants themselves who process your card payments, may take the information you give them and hand it over to criminal elements.

It must be stated that most of the larger and legitimate online retailers have sound credit card processing centers that are made to keep information totally secure, however, this still does not eliminate the possibility that a merchant or dealer may choose to compromise information gleaned from credit card numbers to sell for a profit.

Virtual credit card numbers provide a strong added level of security, because the hackers and dishonest retailers will find it impossible to use that number to do their own shopping at other websites. Those people who make it a habit to shop online now have a reason to feel safer when making purchases with the simple but effectively secure virtual credit card numbers.

if you are a consumer who uses a credit card when you need to make a safe and secure purchase online, a virtual credit card number can offer you a very good option.