Why Derogatory Credit Dispute Letters Don’t Work

Why are derogatory credit dispute letters not working? Did they ever work? Perhaps the dispute letter technique is just not cutting it anymore and creditors and bureaus have gotten smarter, that it. Well sorry to say but no its not that they don’t work. It’s that, yes bureaus have caught on to the trend of dispute letters that are disputing factual accounts and have been doing a better job at verifying those accounts. The same way the internet has helped us, the individual, with information, it has helped businesses. Keeping that in mind.

Now to get to the root of the challenges derogatory credit dispute letters have been having were going to have to take a look at the content of the letter and who you’re sending it too. If all you’re sending is a letter saying this isn’t my account, take it off or I wasn’t late all those times my credit report shows, take them off. Its not going to work. You see they verify that information. Now you have to focus on your rights, a little more on that below.

While there are holes you can exploit, for example, many credit card companies have merged. For those companies, providing copies of the original documentation, might be difficult for them. This is something you can argue on your letter. Ring, Ring, ring a bell? That’s your que. If you have credit cards that have changed companies, it’s very possible you can dispute any existing issues on the account and have a positive outcome.

The reason many derogatory credit dispute letters aren’t working is that you have to be better informed about your rights and credit laws. The dispute letter still works, you simply have to apply it in a different way. You don’t simply dispute to the bureau and be done. You’ll have to challenge the validity of the account and the collection company contacting you.

Getting informed is the first step. Get good information on credit repair or a manual and make your letters pop with actual feeling. Second, pick up on the tricks they show you like mailing the letter to an address where it more likely to delay the response. Remember they have a window to response, if they don’t, it has to come off. All the tactics add up to a mean arsenal for your derogatory credit dispute letters. Good luck.